Our Asiago is made almost completely by hand. Our head cheese-maker, Melissa Gagne, supervises the 60-day process, which includes stirring curds, packing molds, and salting and turning each tome, which starts the aging process at 3 pounds.

On the first day, we start with fresh Ayrshire milk, from our grass-fed cows. We warm the raw milk, add cultures and rennet to help make the curds. Then the curds are hand-packed into molds-the old fashioned way.

The next morning the “babies,” as we like to call the young wheels, are removed from the molds, salted and placed in the cheese cave. As they age, they are turned, washed, and rubbed with salt-all by hand and with loving attention to detail.

The cheese is aged for more than 60 days in our special cheese cave. Then we bring it to you.