We grow our grass fed beef without any use of antibiotics or hormones. The animals are out in the lush grass all day. Because they get no corn or soy grain, they produce a very lean meat. People say we have the best tasting beef and veal around.

We usually have ground beef, all natural beef hot dogs, various sausages, stew beef, steaks and roasts. Each piece is priced individually. Ground beef is $8 per lb and our hotdogs are $9 per package of about 8.

We also sell a half beef for $4.95 per hanging lb; a quarter beef is $5.45 per hanging lb. Most of our steers are hanging at around 600 lbs, so if you got a half steer, you would get more than 150 lbs of meat, and it would cost about $1,485. This is the best value for our grass-fed beef.

The halves and quarters have a mix of steaks, roasts and burger. If you would like the beef cut to your specifications, we can do that, just ask.